Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Empty the Sub Every time?

A light bulb went off at the last meeting and it seemed to resonate with quite a few of our clients.

First, you have to empty the sub every time, with every transaction and throughout the sales process. For example, you might get all the compartments filled and are ready to your fulfillment phase (dog & pony show) and then a new player (decision maker) is introduced to the process. What do you do? Call a time out and start over, overview what has previously transpired and then find out what the new player needs to make the decision. It seems so simple, yet it was amazing to watch our clients get it.

Second, you use the sub with everyone, not just new clients. That was probably the most revolutionary idea for some of our more experienced clients. One client who was coming through the training again said he thought of the sub when he was working with new clients, but suddenly realized he needs to use the sub even with his existing clients. Building rapport and checking to see what has changed in their world is always appropriate and helps to further develop the "Trusted Advisor" role.

Good stuff.