Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Remember - It's not about you!

I was doing research for a client on customer service and came across a good web site that talked about the definition of customer service and the mindset you need to hold. I thought I would share it with you.

"Customer Service"
From Susan Ward,
Definition: Customer service is an organization's ability to supply their customers' wants and needs.

Customers and business managers alike like to talk about what good customer service is (and isn't), but I think this definition by ACA Group sums up what excellent customer service is beautifully: "excellent customer service (is) the ability of an organization to constantly and consistently exceed the customer's expectations."

Accepting this definition means expanding our thinking about customer service; if we're going to consistently exceed customers' expectations, we have to recognize that every aspect of our business has an impact on customer service, not just those aspects of our business that involve face-to-face customer contact.

Improving customer service involves making a commitment to learning what our customers' needs and wants are, and developing action plans that implement customer friendly processes.

So remember, you are not the customer. So if you want to provide "good customer service" why don't you find out what the customer wants.