Thursday, February 05, 2009

Anatomy of a Launch

The launch is underway. I have read about launches and witnessed launches but this is my first official launch. So far it has way exceeded my expectations. I wanted to share with you my strategy for the launch of my Business Marketing Gym and the results because not only might it help someone, but I think it has been an interesting experience.

After getting my concept together and putting my ideas on paper, my first step was to share the idea with a business partner. He gave me some great feedback, and we ended up in an amazing mastermind session. I totally reworked the project. He suggested to have a "soft launch" with some of my key clients and contacts. Basically run it up the flag pole and see how it goes. I made a list of 6 individuals that I trusted and felt would add value to the process. I sent out an cryptic email and invited each of them to meet with me to hear my idea. In the email I said I considered them part of my inner circle and wanted them to be part of a great project I was putting together. Within two days of the email, I had five appointments.

As of this date, I have had two appointments. The first inner circle member signed up on the spot. The second one needed time to process and was positive about what he saw.

Next I have planned a meeting of the people who chose to become part of my Inner Circle or Charter Members of the Business Marketing Gym. There we will go over strategies for the full launch as well as implementation.

I have also scheduled three introductory sessions. This is getting very exciting. I will keep you posted on how it goes.