Thursday, June 22, 2006

It's all about the plan . . .

And of course working the plan. Today I was able to check of lots of stuff on my list even though I only had 4 hours to work. It was great. I networked, had lunch with a person from my center of influence, asked for referrals, set appointments and got referrals. This was not an accident. It happened because I laid out the plan and then I worked the plan. I also missed a few things on my list, but that's ok. Tomorrow is another day. The key is to have the plan and then work it.

Monday, June 19, 2006

The birth of a logo . . .

Thanks to my friends at I have a logo. Did I mention it was really hard to pick a logo. Yes, first we talked about who and what my organization is about and then we talked about the image I was hoping to portray. Next they went to the drawing board and sent me over 15 logos to choose from. I loved them all. So what was I to do? What else can any savvy business women do when perplexed with a major decision. I polled the key people in my life. I asked clients and peers. And here is what we chose. Thank you Flash.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

It's Win-Win-Win

I love when a plan comes together. It's amazing what happens when you make one phone call and just ask for something you want (sale or donation). In my efforts to help an organization with an event they are planning, I asked the owner of a radio station if she would be willing to be a sponsor. After a brief conversation it was a done deal. The event is a fund raiser for an organization that works with young girls and helps them make good choices. So the beauty of this 10 minute conversation was the radio station was thrilled at the deal they are getting, the organization is getting an excellent sponsor that will give them tons of exposure and a non-profit agency is going to benefit from all of this. And that is just the beginning. It really is going to be win-win-win-win, etc.

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

All Roads Lead to Follow Up

I had a great session with my coach/trainer the other day. And I heard something that I have heard before, but it really struck me this time. She said "all roads lead to follow-up."

We were discussing what areas of the business people get stuck in. For some it might be filling the pipeline, getting presentations, closing the sale and of course follow-up. But she pointed out that when it come right down to it, what you are doing to follow-up is the key.

Today I sat with a client discussing his issues and it did not take long to realize that he already had great potential (pipeline). We talked about who he knows, and within no time his circle of influence was expanding. The key was informing those in his circle of influence what he was doing. That is the follow-up piece. Now he has to decide how he wants to do that.