Friday, September 23, 2005

Be there or Be Square

I have to tell you that when my alarm clock went off at 5:30 this morning I was not jumping for joy to get up to get to an early morning networking event. I actually thought, well it wouldn't be so bad if I missed this one, I'll just go to the next one. Then I heard the responsible adult say, get up and make it happen. So out of bed and out the door I went. I took the kids to the before school program (which they love-helps with the guilt) and got to the meeting. This was an interesting exercise in itself since there is a huge convention at the convention center and all the gates were closed to get in and the room was not set up for anyone to easily find the meeting. Finally, I arrived and was able to sit down and enjoy my meal and some great conversation.

The presentation was terrific. Actually, it was alarmingly short which allowed for a great interaction with the group and some really deep conversations. I felt really good about some the feedback I was able to contribute and the contacts I made there. Overall it was a great event.

So what's my point? At any time in the process I could have bailed on going to this event. I could have let being tired keep me from being there. I could have been frustrated with getting into the facility be enough to send me back to the office. I persevered and kept my focus on the goal which was the consistent behavior of being out there to capture opportunities. The good news is that this was a fruitful event that will lead to a qualified future. All in all a successful event.