Thursday, July 19, 2007

Moms, Summer, Kids and Business

What do all of those words have in common? For me it is a bit of chaos. I must be honest, I find Summer to be a difficult time to maintain, let alone build a business. I find myself juggling meetings and running kids to camp. I find the mind shifts getting harder and harder to make. Maybe its an age thing, I don't know, but I know from September to May, I feel much more present in all of my worlds than I do during the Summer. I might be the only one experiencing this, but if not take heart, you are not alone.

So what can be done. Well as you know hind sight is 20/20. As I reflect on my year and start to plan next year I have developed an outline of a plan. For me I will need to focus generating the bulk of my revenue from Mid-September to May. I will plan events and trainings during those times. I will schedule R&D (Research and Development) of new products and trainings during the Summer. I can do that on vacation or during those moments when I am waiting to pick up or drop off. I will plan limited meeting for the Summer and know that I am set.

I don't mind the pain I feel now knowing I have a plan for next year. You see I have chosen to learn my lessons and to hopefully not repeat history.