Monday, November 20, 2006

To Blog or Not to Blog . . .

I have just stumbled across several articles about why businesses should add blogging to their marketing activities. I do it because I just love to blog. It gives me an outlet for my creative side and a chance to stand on a soapbox or two. Yet, according to these articles there is a practical side, one that will enhance the bottom line. Blogging will drive traffic to your site, be a revenue generating profit center and adds a human side to your site. I have to agree. As I blog and share my stories or those of my clients, I find that I process outloud (online), and I have revelations that I share with the world. Okay, only those few people who chance upon it. Now imagine promoting it and actually being proactive about your blog. Millions of people could be reading your posts. Pretty cool.

As a business owner and coach, I suggest to my clients to add a blog to their sites and use it as an online newsletter. A way to add fresh content to their web sites. Now I have proof and validation that I am right. Read the article for yourself. Cool Blog Article!