Thursday, April 28, 2011

Facing My Giants

Whenever I am having a day that feels less than perfect, I think about what can I do to turn it around. Today I felt emotional about all the tornadoes in the country, even here in our neck of the woods. I also received some bad news about my family members. Life is hard. I did not want to let those feelings overtake me. What did I do to help me stay focused?

  • I took a shower, that always helps me to feel better. It is like starting my day over.
  • Reached out to my community, I visited with my entrepreneurial sister and we talked some shop and enjoyed each others company.
  • Got busy, I am here now updating my blog (I have been known to not do this on as regular of a schedule as I like).

The result was I am in a better frame of mind and able to now start planning again for making phone calls, setting appointments and doing some business. In stead of being derailed I became focused. So glad I can do that, and I remind myself all the time this has been a learned behavior. If I can do this you can too. Do not let the road blocks in life derail your business or dreams.