Thursday, October 04, 2007

Leesa Barnes - Podcasting for Profit

I had the distinct pleasure and privilege of interviewing Leesa Barnes. Leesa has been an entrepreneur for years and has become an expert in the field of Podcasting. For me this is a new concept in business. I never really understood what podcasting was, so when I met her at the recent Milana's Coaching Super Summit in Baltimore, I became a sponge soaking up her knowledge. I then purchased her book, just published called Podcasting for Profit. What's nice about the book is that it is good for the newbie or the experienced podcaster. I talks about the how to and then it talks about once you know how to, what to.

Leesa is an amazing entrepreneur who has a lot to offer any entrepreneur who wants to add sound, voice or video to their web site. Why would you want to add podcasting? Check out her site at to learn more. For me, the Internet can be a cold platform with faceless, nameless beings promoting product. I want my clients to be able to become a warm, live being that has a solution. Podcasting will add a different dimension to web site that cannot be accomplished any other way. Here is the link to the recording: