Saturday, October 03, 2009

The Ultimate in Customer Service

I am an old movie fan, and I am also a huge John Wayne fan. Whenever I get a chance I can be found watching one of his movies. Recently, I watched The Quiet Man and was struck by the opening scene - I have attached a link here for you - The Quiet Man

What does this have to do with Ultimate Customer Service? Notice as you watch how all John Wayne wants is directions to a town. The motley crew do their best to tell him how to go, but they are too busy with their own ideas, not really listening and thinking in their own little worlds (speaking local jargon). Then notice how quietly in the back ground someone comes along picks up his bag and then takes him to the town. He is a man of action - Ultimate Customer Service.

What can you do to provide Ultimate in Customer Service? Is there someone who just wants you to take them by the hand and make something happen? People will pay well for that level of service! Are you listening to your customers and giving them good information? Are you speaking in jargon?

If you haven't seen the movie, it is worth getting. It is a classic and a keeper. I find many parallels to business through out the movie, but it is also just a fun movie.