Monday, September 24, 2007

Are You Replling Clients?

No, I don't mean because of personal hygiene. It's something so subtle we don't even know we are doing it. Let me give you an example:

The other day I was working with a client. During our two hour consultation we were very productive. We covered his niche and narrowed his focus. We discussed products and services. We even developed some steps to reach them and implementation strategies. As I was wrapping up the discussion with my client he said something to the effect, but let's be careful, because I am too busy for too many clients right now. It was in that moment that I knew why his business was not growing the way he wanted. He was sending out the message to the universe that he's too busy for more work, he had more than enough work to handle.

Are you sending out the message that you are too busy to add on another project? Do you feel overwhelmed by the prospect of more business while trying to develop a marketing plan. Remember, you are not alone. It is the plight of many a harried entrepreneur.

So what is the answer? First, take a deep breath, now exhale. It's time to take a look at what is keeping you so busy. Is there any thing you can outsource? Is there anything you can add to your stop doing list? It's time to re-frame your thoughts and to say to yourself, "I have all that I need to get it done." "I am open to working with new clients." It's time to reach out, get some help and then help those who need your help!