Monday, September 12, 2005

Focus Grasshopper

You are probably wondering what happened to the posts. It has been a month since the last post. Well, for me life kind of got in the way, and I am just now getting back into my grove. I had a death in the family, there was a week of vacation and the back to school dance which now translates into the more time for Lia shuffle. So now that I have a handle on my schedule, and I've sorted through the last month, what is next?

The Power of Focus!!! I am creating a plan with behaviors that will generate quantifiable results. The plan is well rounded to include both cold and warm activities as it relates to prospecting as well as the activities of nurturing current clients. I am sharpening my saw with new tools that will help me help my clients and grow as a professional. All in all it is a great time.

Although the last month was a bit hectic and more like a roller coaster ride, it was a time for growth and great insight which will lead to giving me the ability to go from good to great.