Tuesday, September 05, 2006

If you build it will they come?

Hmm, sounds like a great line for a movie. But does it work in the internet world. I have always been puzzled by billboards on the highway (not the super highway) that only have a web site address on it. My thought was why would someone go to the expense of creating a web site and then hosting and maintaining it, and then still have to put it on a billboard, yet another expense. Then I realized (yes, I can be a little slow in processing at times) that people need to know you are there to find the site. So again I ask, if you build it will they come? Or How do they know you are there? How can you get the word out so people will find your site? Visibility, key words, search engines? All this stuff makes marketing on the internet a whole new game. This is something I am working on with a colleague to really understand and then articulate to our local audience how this works. Right now, a lot of people think it's web magic. I know better, you have to know the secret password? Stay tuned to find out.