Friday, October 20, 2006

How can you qualify a prospect on the web?

Have you ever wondered if someone who clicks on your website is really serious about your product or service? I have! Then I ran across an awesome tool that I added to my website, an assessment. It is there to help me generate leads and qualify suspects from prospects. I just set it up today, and I already see what a valuable tool this might be. I think with a little time and tweaking, you can create really good assessments that will allow you to pre-qualify clients that are a good fit, and one's that are not. Check out my assessment (which only took me 5 minutes to create and 5 minutes to put on my website). Marketing Assessment

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Entrepreneurial Mom's - A breed of their Own

I just read a great article about mom's who want to have it all and are finding ways of doing it. They create businesses so they can have the flexibility to raise a family, bring in an income and maintain their professional side of their lives. Clearly when women have children they don't stop being the individuals they were they just add a new role. Read this article to see how some are doing it. I find it fascinating and not surprising. After all I am one of them. Working Mom Shift

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

A Moment of Pause

Last month was a whirlwind. I really enjoyed what I was doing. As I sat down today to work on my business, I realized that I had billed 49 hours for just one client. I remember feeling tired, now I know why.

Today, I enjoyed writing press releases, working on business cards and doing some research. It was great. I had no appointments. I was on my schedule. For me it was a moment to recharge my batteries and re-group. I forget how important it was to do. I certainly suggest it to my clients, but you know how that goes.

Tomorrow, I am back to usual hectic schedule. I am ready and energized to face the day. I am grateful for my moment of pause.