Friday, May 18, 2007

Are you fishing in the right hole?

I was reading a book on Rainmaking and the author suggests that sometimes being a Rainmaker is as simple as fishing where there are fish. He notes that people spend lots of money and time on the right fishing rod, bait and tackle. They work on their technique. They spend their day wondering why the fish aren't biting, only to realize there aren't any fish. Do we do that when we are out marketing and selling our wares?

Do we know our niche? Who are we selling to? Do we know where they hang out? Do they have the money to buy? Are we speaking their language? Do they understand our fit? After all what good is walking into an assisted living facility with play equipment for children. Are we networking at a Manufacturers Association when we need to be speaking to Human Resource Professionals.

Go where the fish are and then carry use the right bait.