Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Testimonials Are Underrated

While I was looking at my website statistics I was surprised to see that my hits were up 43%. As I started to dig deep to understand the source of this new found traffic, I discovered something interesting. I was receiving hits from websites that I had testimonials on. For example I gave a testimonial to Michel Neray who posted it on his website www.essentialmessage.com. Honestly, I was so excited about his workbook that I emailed him a thank you. I was surprised and glad to see he posted it and added a link to my site. Just that one act added traffic to my website.

What is my point? You are leaving opportunity on the table by not soliciting testimonials and giving testimonials. If you make it a practice to get testimonials and add it to your page with a link to their website, you will not only improve your traffic but the traffic of the person who gave you the testimonial. Likewise if you do the same for someone you are happy with, you will improve both yours and their traffic. There are many lessons, but the main one is that it pays in many ways to show gratitude.

I say go out and be grateful and then tell someone about -- post it on your website or blog!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Napoleon Hill - Always Relevant

"The great master key to riches is nothing more or less than the self-discipline necessary to help you take full and complete possession of your own mind. Remember, it is profoundly significant that the only thing over which you have complete control is your own mental attitude." Napoleon Hill

This year I am personally focusing on self-discipline in both my business and personal life. I like to pick a new character trait that I want to improve each year and this is what I have been led to pick for this year. I know for me it is very hard to be disciplined; why? Because it is boring and routine. Although I have never been diagnose, I am sure I have a touch of ADD. Okay, more than a touch. That is why being an entrepreneur fits me so well. However, that does not give me an excuse to not behave properly. I plan on behaving like someone who is focused and disciplined. In the beginning it will be an act, yes I will have to fake it. And I know in time, with practice, I will become the person I want to be, self-disciplined and successful.

What are you working on this year? Do you have a plan to become that person?

Sunday, January 03, 2010

If it's to be . . . It's up to me!

As most people do when they go into a new year, they tend to become reflective. I am no different. I started to think about what I could have done differently, what I did well and what I want to do for this year - 2010! It is an exciting time, a time of rebirth and renewal. Then I stumbled on this quote:

The best way to sell yourself to others is first to sell the others to yourself. Napoleon Hill

I realized that unless I truly believe in myself, I will not be able to pass that on to my clients. This is not new information, just a reaffirmation. So today I pledge to continue the path of self-development. I will read good books, listen to good lessons on CD, watch great videos and spend time with great people.

What are you going to do with this year?