Thursday, April 28, 2005

What is the cost of a Hiring Mistake?

According to one source, for a salesperson whose base salary is $40,000 and has an annual sales quota of $500,000 it can be as much as $302,000. That's based on you letting them go after six months. Pretty shocking. Of course this takes into account the lost sales from lack of production as well as actual hard cost of benefits and salary. It also includes management time to manage the situation. Let's face it, people don't put on their resumes they are terrible at following up or hate doing cold calls. Resumes always look great.

So what can be done? We believe utilizing an assessments is the answer. For example, the assessment we use can give you such specific information about a candidate such as call reluctance (cold calls) and follow-up skills. If you need a hunter and the candidate is a gatherer, there might not be a fit. So if you don't want to pay later for the mistake of a bad decision, you might want to consider a small investment now to assure a qualified hiring decision.

If you want to know what your sales mistakes have cost you, check out and utilize our Mistake Calculator to get the hard facts.