Monday, October 08, 2007

Business Marketing Gym . . . a seed

I have been working on developing this program now for four months. I am so close to launching this I can see it. When I get this close to a new program, I find it hard to sleep because I am so excited. I wake up in the middle of the night with an idea or a plan. It is so strong I have to run down to my computer and type it in so I don't loose the idea.

I think this is true with any great business idea. It starts as a small seed. Some seeds are good and so are some business ideas. Some are not. When the idea or the seed is good, with a little of attention and some TLC, it will grow big and strong. I have been watering and cultivating this idea now for four months and I know in a short time it will be big. That is because I stuck with it. I also had to let it rest a bit. Just like when you plant, you have to let the fields rest a little. I needed to let my ideas rest, and see if I was really committed to making it work. I am glad I did. It is going to be so awesome.

I work with an entrepreneur who has probably 10 business ideas a day. When asked how she manages all of the ideas and runs a successful business, she said she learned a great lesson. Whenever she has an idea that she thinks is really good, she sleeps on if for 72 hours. If after 72 she still thinks it is truly a great idea, she goes for it.

Enjoy the seeds, nurture them when you can and don't be afraid to let go of some.