Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Best kept secret . . . at least to me!

I love to do internet research. My favorite thing to do is help my clients in their sales efforts. So I try to keep up with their industries and learn more about how I can better serve them. Imagine how thrilled I was to find out about Google Alerts. Just go to and then click on More and you will find a list of things you can get with Google. Alerts allows you to set up special searches such as "Entertainment Farms" and on a regular basis, i.e. daily. You will then get the results of those searches. I set mine up to include news and web searches, which gives me a rich blend on information.

What does this do for me and my clients?
  • I can keep up with latest trends and statistics,
  • I see who the competition is and what they are doing, and
  • I can send articles of interest to my clients which lets them know I am thinking of them. Just another way to give your clients a warm touch. Part of the Bonding and Rapport piece.

So go and set up some Alerts, use the results to stay ahead of the curve and serve your customers. It will be a great tool for you and your business.

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