Saturday, June 04, 2005

Your 30 Second Commercial

As I work with clients, one of the areas they work on is changing their 30 second commercial from one that is based on FAB (Features and Benefits) to one that shows how you can help solve problems (pain). At a recent presentation that I did for the Women's Network of York on how to take networking to the next level, I shared the following two questions. As the table discussed these questions, they were able to do some very cool networking. Remember you are networking all the time.
  1. You are at a dinner party with some of your best friends and someone says "By the way, I've never really understood what you do, can you tell me what you do and who would be a good client for you." What would you say? How can you be prepared to answer that question?
  2. At the same dinner party you overhear your friend talking about a challenge they are facing in their business, can you think of ways you can offer help through your circle of influence. Come up with ways on how you might be prepared to help a friend.

Remember the best way to become a trusted advisor is to help others with out expecting something in return. Usually people who are grateful find ways to help you. That is what the second question is all about. Always keep in mind how you can help your friends and clients. They will in turn help you.

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