Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Cold Calls

Today I sat down to do calls. It's funny how many things need to get done when the phone needs to be picked up. I'd look at my list and then the phone and then I would remember to check my email. Then I'd look at my list and then the phone and then I remembered I needed to fax a document. Hmmm. What seems to be the problem? Yes, even I have to overcome my own fears and insecurities to make those dreaded cold calls.

As a volunteer for the Chamber I can remember sitting in a room full of people and cell phones banging out call after call and not blinking an eye. It was easy because I was a volunteer and it wasn't about me. Yet, here I am calling for me and our training center and I find the phone feels like a 100 lb. weight.

Here's the good news. I can do it and so can you. All you have to do is try. Each time you do you get better at it and it gets a little bit easier. It is like anything you do, with practice and repetition it gets easier. It's like a muscle that you train or a habit you start. Sure there are other ways of getting business. However a good sales funnel needs to be filled with a variety of activities.

So keep in mind the following:

  • Cold calls are not forever, just till you build a good referral base.
  • It's only part of your program. You need to have other items in your tool box of getting business like networking, marketing and referrals to name a few.
  • Finally, no one has ever died from making a cold call. You will live to sell another day.

Take heart, you can do it. If I can, anyone can.

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