Sunday, October 30, 2005

The story continues - UFC with Vendors

On October 10th, I wrote about an experience utilizing UFC (Up Front Contracts) with a vendor. I am here to tell you that it not only worked, but it was win-win. He came for his appointment, he was done in 30-minutes as I requested, and I had a quote that was within the budget we had set aside. There were no games or misunderstandings. The best part is my son will have brand new windows within 6 weeks. That was the goal. The goal was not to have the sales person move in until a decision was made.

This was my fear after talking to my neighbor who had a window company come in and literally stay 8 hours until he was kicked out of their home. The worst part was the quote he gave was so high they could have bought another home for what he wanted to replace their windows. He did not get the business. Now the man who helped me will be meeting them to investigate the same project, and I am confident he will get the business. Why? Because, he is a professional.

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