Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Blogging as a Metaphor

I just found a cool blog and the blogger sent out a challenge as a group blogging challenge. How would you explain blogging to your mother? Specifically, as a business strategy. I found it because I was looking for cooking metaphors, so here is how I would explain it to my mom.

Mom, in business we have many tools we use to get the word out about our businesses. Traditionally, we use yellow page ads, networking, word of mouth and web sites to name a few. A new tool that I like to keep in my tool box of marketing strategies is a blog. Blogs are a way to stay relevant and current, to unleash my creativity and allow my web site to to be a place people come back to. It is my hope that if I blog often and well, people will long for the next edition and thus I will be in the "top of their minds" when they are in need of my services.

So for me a blog is a tool I use to help me get the word out. I like having lots of tools.

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