Saturday, September 29, 2007

Focus On What You Want

I know this seems obvious, but we often tend to dwell on what we don't want. What does
that have to do with business? How often do I hear people talking about those clients from @#$%. We talk about all the things we don't like about them and how they drive us crazy. What we don't realize is that when we do that we actually encourage more of those types of clients to wander into our lives.

Instead, focus on the characteristics you are looking for in a client. For example: "I want clients that are motivated, ready to take action and appreciate what I do." That sounds so much better then: "I don't want clients who are demanding, unappreciative and unmotivated." Focus on what you want and get more of what you want. Also, if there is something you want in a client, it might help if you are that way in your transactions. Remember like begets like. It's the law of nature.

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