Friday, September 21, 2007

Planting seeds . . .

I sometimes find myself frustrated with the "quick fix" "get rich quick" schemes you hear over and over. People go in with their eyes glazed over with visions of money and fame. Within a short time they are disillusioned. Only a few will make it in those programs. The rest struggle and end up losing money.

I do believe you can make a lot of money, and you can make it as quickly as you want. However, I believe it takes a lot of work, a behavioral plan of action and a great shift in your thinking.

For example: When you first start out in the career as a sales professional, you find yourself face to face with a phone and the dreaded cold call. Yet if you keep your eyes on the goal and stay focused on the task, that "behavior" is a short lived behavior. Why? Because the cold calls are little seeds you plant along the your path. Once the seed is planted you start to cultivate, fertilize and nurture those lovely seeds until one day it turns into a sale. After a while you get better at planting, you learn what fertile soil looks like and the harvest is sooner than before. But you have to plant the seeds. You have to do the behaviors.

Jim Rohn said it best: "Either get good at planting in the spring or become very good at begging in the fall."

Enjoy the harvest!!

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