Monday, February 16, 2009

The Launch Continues

Today was our Inner Circle meeting. It was great! First, I was prepared with an agenda, and I had discussed the agenda with my key players to make sure it was comprehensive. All my team members showed up, that alone was amazing. Then we had an amazing dialog about the program, the roles and expectations of the team. We were able to discuss any potential bombs that may blow up as well as all the wonderful possibilities. I think everyone walked away with a greater understanding of what the next steps are and their roles in the launch.

This Inner Circle concept has been probably the most pivotal piece to my puzzle, the one that had been missing. Here is what it does and why it is important to my launch. In the past when I tried to launch this program, it was like I was creating something out of thin air. I remember the few meetings I held in the previous launches. There were only two to four people. There was no energy, not excitement and no buy in. In fact, some of the people that were there were there free just have a warm body in the room. Now, when I set up the introductory sessions, and I have the actual Gym meetings, I will have a strong core group in the room. They will serve many roles:

  • They are inviting future Business Marketing Gym members;
  • They are going to break the awkward silences when they arise;
  • They will ask the questions that others may feel too timid to ask until the group gets comfortable with each other; and
  • They will edify me as the facilitator of the group because they are already bought in.

I am excited and already know that with the team of people we have assembled, we are going to create something magical.

I will keep you posted.

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