Sunday, April 17, 2005

Learn, Grow and Go

I am fortunate to work with an organization that believes in helping people achieve their goals through gradual and incremental change. Staub & Associates has been providing salesforce development and recruitment for 15 years. We provide training and lifetime coaching which is very different to the seminar approach to sales. What is the difference? Well as David Sandler said "You can't teach a kid to ride a bike at a seminar." Also true is you can't teach a person to be a professional salesperson at a seminar. Sure someone might get one or two tricks to close a sale or get past the gate keeper but that will not go far and it will not be sustainable.

True knowledge comes when the student learns, practices, learns some more, makes some mistakes, learns some more and then starts to own the learning. When the ownership happens, forget about the possibilities, they are beyond anyone's comprehension.

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Shaun said...

Hi Lia,

Being something of a Sandler aficionado too, I agree totally with your statement. The lesson and key word you're driving at here is reinforcement.

It can applied in a variety of fields, and has to do with applying persistence in one's dedication to learning: Show up, practice (do), get result, learn, repeat... all the time applying what you learn in an increasingly effective way.