Monday, June 20, 2005

The Gut Factor

I have come to determine that this factor is probably the most critical factor in determining success. At least that is the case for me. In my previous world, I built a business on guts and did not even know it. I just kept on and before I knew it I had a real business.

Now that I am "selling" for a profession it is a whole new world. I guess I need to work the gut muscle again, it has begun to atrophy. So where do I begin?

  • Well it starts with a plan, and then work the plan.
  • I realize I will have to do the hardest things first or they won't get done.
  • I will build rewards into my plan as I make small accomplishments. (I need to give myself those strokes.)
  • It means facing head on the "brutal facts of your current reality."
  • And for me, it means reaching out for help to all my resources. (I don't do that well.)

The payoff will be worth the workout. I guess it really is no pain, no gain. So I am doing my stretches and getting ready for the workout.

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