Monday, August 01, 2005

Dog Days of Summer

It is interesting what you hear in the summer. Everyone I talk to says how they are so slow and can't get anyone on the phone to do business with. So what do they do, they stop behaving, after all what's the point. Right????

One thing I have learned over the years is not to let the outside conditions such as weather affect my game plan. As you develop your cook book and then your list of activities, it should be the same Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall. Sure you might need to adjust a little, for example, I find that it is hard to get a live person on Friday's in the Summer so I call on Thursday.

Sage advice I received when I first started in business was to create a marketing plan and market whether you are busy or slow and you will never be slow. It was so true. When I waited till I had time to market then I had lots of time. But if I built it into my plan, I was always busy. Same with sales. Always be behaving no matter what the weather.

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