Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Get a Mentor

I never realized just how powerful having a mentor can be. That is something I have done throughout my life. I have had a series of mentors to guide me throughout my life. They have taken different shapes and genders, but they have always been the one to push me, encourage me and nurture me. They always seemed to know what I needed.

I must admit I was having one of those days. A bit discouraging in the sales arena. Something that I thought would happen this quarter is probably not going to happen until next year. It was no ones fault. It was one of the "Life Comes At You Fast" moments. I took a moment to share my concerns with a mentor.

Today I know why she's my mentor. Her response is okay, now what? She suggested to make a list of 10 things I am going to do now, specifically different from what I was doing. It took me right out of the pity party and on to a proactive mode. I went from victim to victor. I am reminded of what Ed says all the time which is that winners do what non-winners won't do. As a I winner, I will move on!

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