Tuesday, October 18, 2005

When all else fails, Plan Z

I was all ready to head to my training today. I always feel great when I hear our clients share their stories of growth. Ed is an amazing trainer. As I slept last night and heard my poor little three year old wheezing and coughing, I knew it was not good on many levels. Today we are home, David is on steroids to get it under control and I am working from my home office. So the good news is that I can still work and I get to take care of my boy.

This is how life is in sales. You make appointments with clients and then for one reason or another they are cancelled. Sometimes you've traveled a long distance to get there only to find out that the person you were meeting with had a crisis and cannot meet. So what do you do? Plan Z. When that happens to me, I get on the phone and make calls, try to get something local if I can. Great time for walk-in cold calls. After all you are in the neighborhood. So never be dismayed. There is always a reason, and sometimes Plan Z was the right plan after all. In fact, I have had Plan Zs turn into major accounts.

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