Saturday, October 08, 2005

On a personal note

Today I went through all my old files from my previous business. It was time to clean out storage space where it was stored and it ended up in my living space. As I went through each box representing 6 years of my business (life), I was amazed at how much I had grown over those years. I also saw the progress I had made, and I enjoyed the walk down memory lane. Yes, I felt some sadness, but only for a brief moment. I also know that is not who I am today.

For me I realized what I do now is what I am really passionate about. Helping people solve their problems, develop new and effective process in their world and create a financially rewarding future is the most amazing thing. I think that is why looking through all those memories was not as painful as I expected, because I was ready and I had moved on to where I am supposed to be. Pretty awesome.

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