Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Entrepreneural Moments

I had the pleasure of hosting a local networking group at my new office. I was very excited. I have only been in my new office for nine days. As always the meeting went well. We discussed what we were looking for and challenges we were facing.

After the meeting was over we talked about the challenges of being "micro-businesses" trying to become big businesses. One of my fellow networking buddies shared that he sees value in what we do because the people that are members of our group have become an informal advisory board. It further validated my decision to launch my Business Marketing Gym in May. There is a need for people to get together to brainstorm new ideas, discuss challenges and share each others successes. I am very excited about the concept.

Andy Andrews who wrote the book "The Travelers Gift" discusses the concept of a personal advisory board in his video about the book. In the video "The Seven Decisions" he talks about surrounding yourself with people who are where you want to be in a certain area of your life and learning from them. It seem so simple, but why is it not done more often? I will keep you posted on the launch of the Business Marketing Gym. I think sparks will be flying.

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