Thursday, September 25, 2008

Social Networking Works

I am an avid believer in Social Networking, now. Although I must admit I went kicking and screaming. Well, maybe not screaming. I am also a believe in internet tools. Let me share an example with you.

I use a tool called Google Alerts. When I want to follow a company, topic or person, I set up a Google Alert and on a daily basis I receive emails with information on the Alert if there is something to find on the Internet and in the News. Pretty simple. I believe in saving money and making money and helping my clients to do the same. I joined a company that helps me do that so I wanted to follow that company. Here's my site with the company: Lia's BigN. I set up a Google Alert to follow any stories and updates on Team National and the National Companies. Today I found the have a huge presence on the web, specifically in Social Networking. See for yourself: Team National Social Networking Presence.

So what is my point. If you take time to use the tools out there you can have a huge presence on the web and it does not have take a long time or a lot of money.

Action Step:

  • Develop a Social Networking Plan
  • Identify good sources for Networking
  • Set up a Editorial Calendar to populate the sites usually with posts
  • Then take action and make it happen.

Now just enjoy the results.

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